Food adventure and restaurant visits

Ever since I was in secondary school my brother and I would go on foodie adventures and experiment different cuisines and popular dining places. That’s when our relationship as siblings grew closer as our love for cooking came together through experiencing the great restaurants that lies in the heart of Melbourne.

At that time my brother and I were both too young for driving or either did not have our drivers license, so we’d train, tram but mostly walk to destinations. Through our countless times going around in circles we’d wind up in a hip looking place that surprises us with their creative flare in food.

As aspiring chefs we continue to journey through the world of food together. We both love photography, videography, art and cooking and decided to document our experiences in the must go to restaurants, cafes and brunch destinations. Currently 21 and my brother 24 we are young foodies who love to share the beauty of food.

With my brothers amazing videography skills and my photography we create short film contents or photography albums of our dining experiences so we hope you enjoy our foodie adventure and to not be afraid to go out and give these places a try.


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